Thursday, January 10, 2019

Best Escorts in Sydney – Innovative Ideas on How to Create the Perfect Sex Tape

While you, and your friends or neighbours, may have already seen a couple of sex tapes, (Whether it’s your workmate’s tape, or that of some foolish Hollywood celebrity) haven’t you ever thought of creating your own? According to a recent YouGov survey in the UK, 21% of British adults under 40 have had sex on camera, and 3 in 10 have taken nude photos too! Here are a couple of innovative ideas on how to create the perfect sex tape. 

Keep the Set Simple
Whether you plan to include your girlfriend in your sex tape, or a random hookup partner, or even your favourite Best Escorts in Sydney, always make sure you keep the set simple! While there’s nothing wrong with trying to do something more adventurous, remember that going on location is harder than you think!

Best Escorts in Sydney

So, instead of filming your very own smut in the shower, why don’t you just stick to the bedroom, and try to use natural light if you can. You could also make good use of candles and dimmer switches, just don’t try to throw your discarded undergarments near an open flame! 

Stay in Control 
While it’s very easy to get carried away when doing a sex tape, always keep in mind that you’re not on Jeremy or Peter North! So, don’t try doing the reverse cowgirl or the helicopter, as these and the others are the most cringe-y to watch, and the toughest to implement. Always remember that avoiding mortal embarrassment is what you are aiming for!

 Don’t Get Too Close for Comfort
If you don’t want your sex tape to turn into some gory or messy gynaecological examination, you may not want to let yourself, or your partner, get to grips with the zoom function too much! So, try to rethink about shoving the camera “below the Equator’ to film the act in all its glory!  

And in terms of angles, shooting upwards normally works best, unless you and your girlfriend, or lovely and sizzling Best Escorts in Sydney, are filming an oral sex scene!


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